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Sioux Falls Landscaping and Outdoor Living

Each backyard is unique. Enhance your outdoor living space to something amazing with our expert Sioux Falls Landscaping team at Green Art Design & Landscape. We will create a dynamic outdoor space that you can enjoy for years to come. 


Sioux Falls Landscaping Residential

 Make your home beautiful from the first glance. You can increase curb appeal and the value of your home with our residential Sioux Falls landscaping. First impressions are everything, and our team guarantees to make your home beautiful and eye-catching.  


Sioux Falls Landscaping Commercial

 Stand out from your competition with beautiful commercial landscaping. Our Sioux Falls landscaping team will create a serene and beautiful outdoor space at your business. Improve your environmental marketing with unforgettable landscaping.  


Sioux Falls Landscaping and Yards

 Your yard has the potential to be a work of art. Let it live up to its full potential by having our Sioux Falls landscaping team create a great first and lasting impression. We love making your home or business beautiful by turning your landscaping ideas in to reality. 


Sioux Falls Landscaping and Decks

 Bring outdoor living to a new level with a stunning deck for guests to enjoy. With your style in mind, our Sioux Falls landscaping team will create an artistic and functional deck for your home or business. We can also repair decks that need a little TLC! 


Sioux Falls Landscaping and Patios

 Enjoy your artistic landscape from your outdoor patio. We can assist from your initial patio idea to project completion. Whether it is new construction or a remodel, our Sioux Falls landscaping team will create a beautiful design for everyone to enjoy.


Sioux Falls Landscaping and Gardens

 Add color to your home or business with a beautiful garden. Our Sioux Falls landscaping team specializes in strategically placing gardens in the most flowing and artistically pleasing way possible. Enjoy our Midwest seasons more with a stunning garden!


Sioux Falls Landscaping and Fountains

 Pick from numerous styles of outdoor fountains to magnify the beauty of your lawn. Our Sioux Falls landscaping team guarantees to provide the highest quality products and lawn care services to leave your competition or neighbors green with envy. 

Turn Your Yard into a Piece of Art

Green Art Design & Landscape in Sioux Falls will express your personality and ideas with professional and aesthetically pleasing designs. We aren't just another landscaper, we are your Sioux Falls landscaping artists! Our works of art will give your outdoor living space a great first and lasting impression. We have helped with commercial and residential landscaping in Sioux Falls, and we are ready to help you. Building or buying a home and need a local Sioux Falls landscaper? We can help you design your dream outdoor space.  

We are Landscape Artists

Keeping your lawn beautiful is much more than keeping the weeds out. To create an outdoor living space oasis, work with Green Art Design and Landscape. Our Sioux Falls landscaping team will work with your ideas and create a custom layout and design that optimizes your outdoor space. Call today to discuss your landscaping ideas and schedule a free landscape consultation! 

Work with a Lawn Care Specialist

We are confident that we can transform any landscape into a dynamic space that is both useful and  decorative! When making an investment in your property, choose a trusted Sioux Falls landscaping expert. We will choose the appropriate foliage and materials for your needs, guarantee our work and provide the best customer service you can find. So contact us today for the beautiful and one of a kind landscape you have been waiting for!  

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