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Deck Design & Construction

Dynamic Outdoor Spaces

Green Art Design & Landscape is your expert Sioux Falls landscaper team. We specialize in creating dynamic  outdoor spaces that increase the aesthetic and economic value of your  residence. A well designed and properly constructed deck is a smart investment for your home. Whether used as a backyard retreat or for entertaining, decks are multi-functional outdoor living spaces that increase the value of your home while offering you a quick connection to the outdoors and a stunning place to relax with friends and family. Showcase your home with a complete look, spanning from your indoor space to your deck with our team's inspired deck design. The possibilities are endless!  

Your Go-To Sioux Falls Landscaper

Our team in Sioux Falls caters to all tastes and budgets and will work with you from the project planning stage to completion. We will choose the right materials for your unique  space and pay special attention to drainage and weather protections so  your investment is a long-lasting one. Already have a deck or patio? No  problem! We can also work with existing construction and incorporate current landscape into our new design. We look forward to creating an imaginative space that incorporates all your deck wants and ideas. Let's sit down over coffee and talk about your budget, family needs and ideas for enjoying your yard. Together we'll create a design and build your perfect outdoor space. Let us be your go-to Sioux Falls landscaper!